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Freon Ac R424A
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Specification of Freon Ac R424A

Freon tubes circulating in Indonesia there are 3, green ones are Freon R22 tubes, which are pink or pink are Freon R410A tubes, while Freon R32 tubes will be blue or pink. So don't get it wrong, because if your AC is filled by Freon which is not supposed to, the AC compressor will definitely break down. Just like your Diesel car which is suddenly filled with premiums, it will definitely break the engine. Then with the many brands of Freon circulating, we emphasize that the Freon R32 that we use is a DAIKIN brand or DuFrozz, so the quality doesn't need to be doubted. We have found the Freon R32 brand, the purity level is not up to 99.99% so the air conditioner can not cool down. Be careful with its use because the purity of the Freon R32 is most likely under the original Daikin brand. The tube image is like the picture above, for the Daikin brand.

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