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Freon AC R415B
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Sell Freon AC R415B

Specification of Freon AC R415B

mixture 11.3 kg / 25lbs R415b use gas cylinders Cooling for sale

1. High Purity
2. Competitive price with high quality

3. Delivery within 10 days

4. Advantages: high efficiency, safe, energy saving, environment friendly, economical


R415b refrigerant packing: 12.0 kg, 350 kg
Physical quality quality Specifications
purity molecular formula,% ≥ 99.8
Boiling point, ° C -26.72 humidity, ppm≤ 10
Critical temperature, ° C 124 acidity, ppm≤ 0.1
Critical pressure, Mpa 4,768 evaporates residue, ppm ≤ 100
ODP 0.01 appearance is colorless, not cloudy
GWP 0.1 smells nothing strange
Liquid density, g / cm3 0.935

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