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Freon AC R134A
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Specification of Freon AC R134A

Viewed from the beginning of the use of Freon R134a and the characteristics that distinguish Freon R134a from R12, as follows:

In 1985-1988 it was published about the discovery of the phenomenon of ozone layer destruction, one of which was caused by the use of R12 freon (refrigerant) in the Car AC system. From here it developed to regulate the use and production schedule so that as much as possible no longer using freon R12 on cars manufactured since 1989, then the replacement freon R12 was made, namely R134a while still having the same properties as R12, namely:

- Is the main chemical compound that is stable to carry heat and is not flammable.

- Has characteristics that are odorless, colorless and not corrosive nor toxic.
In R134a freon is made to minimize the ozone layer to a minimum

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